The building EarthDog Denver is located in is one of Denver's oldest dog daycare locations and is located inside of the historic Baker neighborhood! Since 2004, our location has been providing a loving and energetic environment for dogs and puppies. It's design and fencing is secure and safe. We have 8 foot fencing around the entire outdoor dog park and a multiple gate system to keep your loved ones safe. We have a swimming pool for your dog to enjoy that goes up to 4 feet deep and a dog play mountain with different levels built out of large rocks complete with tunnels going in and out of it.


We strongly believe in being a green company and are dedicated to decreasing our carbon footprint and for that reason we will constantly assess and reduce our energy use and waste. As of November 17th of 2015 we were awarded by the Mayor of Denver for being the 1st doggy day care and boarding facility to be a Certifiably Green Denver Business! Awarded for our outstanding achievement in pollution prevention and environmental sustainability! 

  • We sell mainly USDA natural and organic products.
  • To help support colorado bee keepers we sell local raw honey which helps the local bee population.
  • This website is hosted by Green Geeks Web Hosting Services. They are the leader in green energy web hosting.
  • We provide free use of our parking lot every 1st Saturday for a chicken swap helping Denver urban homesteaders.
  • We zero-scape! We do not use any pesticides on our landscaping or waste any water.


Trent is the proud owner of EarthDog Denver since June of 2015. He has worked in the pet service industry as a dog groomer for 12 years and was a vet assistant for a year. Trent received a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in drawing from the University of Colorado at Denver. After completing his degree he realized he wanted to spend his work days around dogs instead of the art scene. He still continues to make art at home for friends, family and Earthdog. He created and designed the logo and hand paints all signs for the business.