EarthDog Denver offers group dog training through Pawsitively Pets and is held at our location.

With over ten years of animal training experience and a very diverse background, Emily has a lot to offer the animal community, for both domestic pets and exotics. Whether you have a tiger, parrot, goat, or dog, Emily has the education and experience to tame and care for your animal.

Puppy Class

For puppies up to 20 weeks.

50 minute Class for 4 weeks. $130 

Focusing on the importance of puppy socialization, basic manners and giving you all the tools for raising a great puppy.

Beginner Classes

Great for all ages 5 months and up.

50 minute Class for 6 Weeks. $150

Get your dog on track with basic manners like; sit, down, leash manners, coming when called - plus, discussions on topics such as jumping, nutrition, and enrichment. 

For more information dates and times please call or email

Emily Martin 805-795-4022

The Waldorf Pet Spa

Tuesday - Saturday 9am-5pm

For a Full Service Groom quote please call

Crystal Waldorf 303-756-1910

The Waldorf Pet Spa rents our upstairs grooming area to provide professional and gentle grooming services for all breeds and cats.  The owner, Crystal has 30 years of experience. The grooming environment is calm and relaxing, complete with windows for the dogs to stare out of. Your dog can hang out in the main grooming area and not kenneled if you ask.  Full service grooming prices vary depending on breed, time spent grooming, and are by appointment only.