Available in: 5lb, 15lb, 30lb bags and can food

  • High Prairie Canine Formula
  • Wetlands Canine Formula
  • Sierra Mountain Canine Formula
  • Pacific Stream Canine Formula
  • Southwest Canyon Canine Formula
  • Pine Forest Canine Formula
  • Appalachian Valley Small Breed Canine Formula
  • High Prairie Puppy Formula

Available in: 6lb, 14lb, 28lb bags

  • Great Plains Feast Formula
  • Meadow Feast Formula
  • Primitive Naturals Formula
  • Costal Catch Formula

Available in 40lb bags

  • Chicken and Rice Formula
  • Beef and Rice Formula
  • Lamb and Rice Formula
  • Large Breed Adult Lamb and Rice Formula
  • Large Breed Puppy Formula


CBB dog treats contains four simple ingredients;  brewer spent grain, flour, peanut butter and eggs.  This treat contains no alcohol or hops and is a good source of protein and fiber.

  • Bully Sticks
  • Cow Ears
  • Cow Hoofs
  • Braided Bully Stick
  • Meaty Knuckle Bone
  • Choppers
  • Bully Slices
  • Bargain Bag
  • Jerky Treats, assorted flavors
  • Duck Neckers

Cycle Dog’s goal is to create the world’s best dog products with a focus on the environment and to raise awareness of the millions of bike tubes thrown into landfills every year. Hand sewn products are proudly made and tested in Portland, Oregon.


A genuine leather flat collar ornamented with polyester sticking making the collar pop and a tongue of extra leather to protect your pup. It's easier to clip your dog with the lead ring on the back and also great for dog training. Born and raised in Europe, Euro-Dog is now made with durable American leather and forged European steel in Colorado.


Available in 15lb bag

  • Rocky Mountain Feline Formula