Dog Boarding 


24 hour period includes day care.

Boarding dogs are playing outside from 8-9, 11-4, and 6-7. A total of 7 hours.

Use our self wash stations for free at pick up.

Extra daycare will be added 2 hours after your drop off time on pick up day.


No Refunds No Expiration

5 Night Pack $240 save $10!

10 Night Pack $470 save $30!

20 Night Pack $920 save $80!

Multiple Dog Discount

$10 off 

$10 of each dog per night. Discount is only for dogs that can share a kennel.

Holiday Deposits

50% Deposit Required for,

Memorial Day, Labor Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas , New Years.

Our hours are 8am - 7pm on these holidays except,

We are closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

If you cancel the reservation with in 5 days of your drop off date then your deposit will stay on your account!